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We Perform.The services we provide do not stop after construction is complete. In fact, there are some buildings in which we provide facilities services that span over two decades. Our consistent delivery when execution is critical builds a level of trust between us and our client whichs make these types of long term relationships possible.

We provide all of the services you could need to help keep your tenants happy and your suites occupied. The accurate information we provide will help ensure your success. Below are examples of services we provide for building owners and leasing agents:

BOMA Area Calculationsbomasprdsht
Our staff contains multiple experts in the various BOMA calculation methods used in the Twin Cities market. You can count on us to employ the BOMA standards accurately and efficiently for your building and leasing documents.

Marketing Boardseasle2
When a potential tenant walks into most spaces available for lease, their imagination and visualization skills are often overly tested. By using our versatile and informative boards your next tenant will see the possibilities much more quickly and clearly.

Master Rental Plansmasterrental
Building Owners / Management Groups who utilize our master rental plans consider them an invaluable information source. The detailed square footage numbers, lease information and occupancy data help them effectively keep track of their property.

As-Built Measurements/Documentationlasermeasure
Accurate as-built drawings will speed up the design process for you and your tenants. Poor drawings can delay construction and lead to dramatic and costly change orders. Trust us with this important step and we deliver the speed and accuracy you desire.

Tenant Guideline Manuals/Building Standardswirebound
When building a speculative office or industrial property, establishing a set of guidelines for the tenants is a critical, but often overlooked step. We can create a manual that will establish better maintenance, cohesive design and save you money.

Property Condition AssessmentsKickingtires
Looking to buy an existing property? Would you like an expert opinion on areas of concern or needed renovations before you buy? Allow us to tour the property and help kick the tires before you wrap up negotiations and sign the purchase agreement.

Maintenance Reviewscrackedbrick
Maintaining a building requires a balance of knowledge, diligence, and funds. If the first two are lacking, more funds down the road will be needed. We can visit your property to inspect and review areas of concern before major repairs are unavoidable.

Accessibility Surveysaccessurvey
Meeting and maintaining ADA standards for your building is a critical component for your handicapped users. Failing to meet accessibility regulations can also open yourself up to legal action. Our experienced staff will survey your property to ensure you are meeting all requirements and regulations.

Our goal is to take your vision and combine it with our expertise. When managing any size property there are endless hoops to jump through to keep your building performing. When in a crunch you can count on our team to perform for you. If you need help managing a property you own you can be assured we have the expertise and experience to deliver.

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