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conf-2 Although you will undoubtedly find larger groups of people in architecture firms in town, you will be hard-pressed to find a more efficient team that can turn things around quickly for your fast moving project. In addition to our teams speed, you will also find a wide-ranging skill set that goes far beyond the pigeonhole approach many larger firms use with their team members.  Lastly, our team not only has experience, but better yet, experience working together…with over half of the staff working together for 15+ years.  At EFA, decisions can be made quickly, the boss can be consulted easily, and a highly skilled staff with years of experience working together means that your project will run smoothly.

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Get to know Ed Farr

Ed-2-webEd Farr, AIA, CID | Architect | At EFA since 1991 (Previous: 10 years)

Ed has practiced architecture for over 30 years. Born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, Ed moved to the Twin Cities in 1981 to head a new branch office of Wilson/Jenkins & Associates. After 10 years he started his own firm under the name of Edward Farr Architects, Inc. with a focus on providing well-balanced design solutions for the highly competitive commercial real estate market. In the years since, Ed has grown to be a recognized leader in the design of office and warehouse buildings, but also has an impressive list of clients from the Retail and Medical Office Building markets. Among Ed’s favorite things are: Chicago Style Pizza, Golfing with friends and spending time with his family (not in that order). Approachable and friendly, Ed strives to treat people the right way and is always looking out for the best interests of his clients and employees. When you work with Ed you can take great confidence in the fact that the lines of communication are always open and you are dealing with someone who knows his stuff and genuinely cares about his friends and clients (which often become one in the same). To learn even more about Ed click here: Q&A with Ed Farr
Professional Affiliations: American Institute of Architects (AIA), NAIOP – Member
Architectural Registrations: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois
Certified Interior Designer Registrations: Minnesota
Education: University of Illinois, Bachelor of Architecture, 1978
Additional Involvement: Bd of Directors: EP String Academy, Bldg Committee: Children’s Lighthouse

Get to Know The Team

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Marc Williamson | Architect | At EFA since 1991 (Previous: 3 years)

Marc is a registered architect and has worked with Ed since 1988 (at Wilson/Jenkins). He specializes in the design of tenant suites, office buildings and retail. Marc and his wife have raised 3 children and have lived in Bloomington for over 17 years. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Marc still loves LSU Tiger football and the Saints. When he is not at the office, you may find him up north at his cabin mowing the yard, trying to get the motor on the pontoon running, and occasionally relaxing.

What is your favorite Season?   Football… and Summer’s nice too!
Where is your favorite place in the world?   The cabin on Horseshoe Lake outside of Crosslake.
What type of Blizzard do you order?   Chocolate Brownie Blast

Don Andersen | Architect | At EFA since: 1996 (Previous: 19 years)

Don Andersen is a registered architect who has over 30 years of experience in the Twin Cities market. Don’s extensive knowledge of building construction and years of design experience make him a huge asset to the projects he leads. Since joining Ed in 1996, his calm demeanor and straight-forward communication style have been greatly appreciated by clients and co-workers alike. In his free time, Don loves golfing, guitar, and spending time with his kids and TLMA (The Lovely Mrs. Andersen).

Where did you grow up?   Along the beautiful shores of Orchard Lake in a 1914 prairie style house.
What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?   N gauge electric train set. I still have it…somewhere.
What is something you wish you were better at?   Playing blues guitar.

Neal Logan | At EFA since: 1995 (Previous: 9 years)

Neal manages both projects and the CAD system here at EFA. He is extremely efficient at putting together a detailed set of drawings on all building types and is also a master with BOMA calculations. His assistance and training to the rest of the team is invaluable when the computer software fails to cooperate. Neal is also a high level referee for the sports of Soccer and Bandy. This role regularly brings him around the world to officiate world championship matches.

What is your favorite food? Anything from small Mexican restaurants or food trucks.
It’s a Saturday, what are you up to? At a professional soccer game sitting in the supporters section.
What’s your biggest accomplishment? Officiating World Championship Bandy matches in Moscow.

Pam LaValle | Office Manager | At EFA since: 1998 (Previous: 15 years)

Pam is the glue that keeps our office together. At any moment you will find Pam multitasking with billing, payroll, proposal writing, preparing AIA documents, administrative duties and juggling the phones. She is also gifted with graphic skills and creates colored site plans, presentation graphics and proposals. Pam’s influence on the staff keeps things running smoothly and on track. Outside of the office Pam enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and cheering on the Minnesota Wild!

It’s Saturday and you can do anything you want, what are you up to?   Hanging with family and friends on the boat!
Where did you grow up?   Eagan, MN
What’s your favorite household chore?   None of them!

Keith Rickabaugh | At EFA since: 2004

Keith is a person with many talents. He can put together a set of CD’s, he can load the plotter in record time AND he can build 3D models so realistic you may bump your head into the computer screen. On top of this, he is an amazing photographer who travels the country capturing breathtaking landscapes. You may have seen some of his work at local art fairs and he even took some shots for this website. Best of all, these talents are wrapped up in a calm, easy-going personality always willing to help.

Which Famous Building Most Represents You?   The Pantheon… there’s a big hole in the top.
What is your favorite food?   Candy Corn and Bacon Sandwich on 9-Grain, Gluton Free Bread
Where did you grow up?   NA

Contact info for each team member is available here: Contact Us