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Edward Farr Architects Inc
7710 Golden Triangle Dr
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Phone: 952-943-9660

Edward Farr Architects is located on the first floor of the Lake Smetana Technology Center on the shores of Lake Smetana. The entrance to our building is on Golden Triangle Drive in the NW quadrant of the 494/169 intersection.

Individual Contact Info

Ed Farr 952-943-9660 e.farr
Marc Williamson 952-697-1082 m.williamson
Don Andersen 952-697-1084 d.andersen
Neal Logan 952-697-1083 n.logan
Pam LaValle 952-697-1080 p.lavalle
Keith Rickabaugh 952-697-1085 k.rickabaugh
Marina Fooks 952-697-1087 m.fooks